Green is for Everyone (G4E) is a blog for educators, environmental groups and service providers who are interested in engaging diverse communities in environmental action (what we call “multicultural environmental engagement” or MEE). Here you will find links, resources and stories on creating a more welcoming and inclusive environmental movement in Canada and the United States.

G4E began as a consultation and training initiative of the Multicultural Environmental Education Program (MEEP) in Victoria, British Columbia, the first program in Canada to combine environmental awareness and action with immigrant settlement services.

Run out of the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society from 2008 to 2011, MEEP served as a bridge between newcomers and local environmental groups through educational workshops and outings, media-based outreach, diversity training and resource sharing.

MEEP and G4E were successful in large part due to the spirit of collaboration and capacity building. The more we network and share with each other, the more we learn how we can do our work better and the greater the impact we can achieve as a whole.

We invite you to browse our blog and join the conversation! Ask a question, post a resource or share a story in the Comments section, or send us a note at hello.g4e@gmail.com.


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